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# asrock-pwm-ipmi
This is a script to control 4-pin PWM fans on ASRock Rack motherboards with IPMI. The BMC does not properly expose fan control, so they must be controlled using raw IPMI commands. This script is a user-friendly way to do that.
usage: asrock-pwm-ipmi [-h] [-i] [FAN:SPEED [FAN:SPEED ...]]
Read information about and control fans on ASRock boards with IPMI.
positional arguments:
FAN:SPEED Fan to change the speed of, and the speed, separated by ':'. Set
to 0 for auto.
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i, --info Read fan information

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./ $@

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import run_cmd
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Read information about and control fans on ASRock boards with IPMI.', prog='asrock-pwm-ipmi')
parser.add_argument('fanplusspeed', nargs='*', metavar='FAN:SPEED',
help='Fan to change the speed of, and the speed, separated by \':\'. Set to 0 for auto.')
#parser.add_argument('SPEED', type=int, nargs='+',
# help='Speed to set FAN to')
parser.add_argument('-i', '--info', action="store_true", default=False,
help='Read fan information')
args = parser.parse_args()
if is False and args.fanplusspeed == []:
print("Nothing to do! See --help for usage.")
if args.fanplusspeed != []:
for fanopt in args.fanplusspeed:
if str(fanopt.split(":"))[2:-2] == fanopt or int(fanopt.split(":")[0]) < 1 or int(fanopt.split(":")[0]) > MAXFAN:
print("Improper format!")
fan, speed = fanopt.split(":")
run_cmd.setSpeed(int(fan), int(speed))
if int(speed) == 0:
print("Set speed of FAN" + fan + " to Auto.")
print("Set speed of FAN" + fan + " to " + speed + "%.")
if is True:
print("\nRetrieving fan speeds...\n")
for line in run_cmd.getFanInfo():

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import subprocess as sp
def setSpeed(fan, setspeed):
speeds, speedsRaw = getAllSpeeds()
speedcmd = ["ipmitool", "raw", "0x3a", "0x01"]
for speed in speedsRaw:
hexspeed = "0x"
hexspeed += str(speed)
speedcmd.append("0x00") # append the mystery (unused) extra values
speedcmd[fan + 3] = hex(setspeed) # index + 3 because the array already has the beginning of the command
def getAllSpeeds():
cmdoutput = sp.Popen(["ipmitool", "raw", "0x3a", "0x02"], stdout=sp.PIPE)
speedsRaw, err = cmdoutput.communicate()
speedsRaw = str(speedsRaw)[3:20].split()
speeds = []
for speed in speedsRaw:
speeds.append(int(speed, 16))
return speeds, speedsRaw
def getSpeed(fan):
speeds, speedsRaw = getAllSpeeds()
return speeds[fan - 1]
def getFanInfo():
cmdoutput = sp.Popen(["ipmitool", "sdr"], stdout=sp.PIPE)
sensorinfo, err = cmdoutput.communicate()
faninfo = []
speeds, speedsRaw= getAllSpeeds()
for line in sensorinfo.splitlines():
if "FAN" in str(line):
for index, line in enumerate(faninfo):
faninfo[index] = str(line)[2:-1]
faninfo[index] += " | "
if speeds[index] == 0:
faninfo[index] += "Auto"
faninfo[index] += str(speeds[index])
faninfo[index] += "%"
return faninfo